Arm Conditioning Workout For Running

10/23 Day 7 Arm Workout

Took today off from running to workout on my arm strengthen.

Here are some workouts recommended by professional runners to try;

CHAIR DIPS: Sit in a sturdy chair with your hands gripping the seat. Walk your feet forward. Lower yourself until your upper arms are parallel to the ground. Then push back up. Do two sets of 12 to 15 reps.

QUICK TIP: Squeeze your abs and glutes, but let your arms do the work.

RESISTANCE ROWS: Secure a resistance band to a stable object at chest height, grabbing the free ends in each hand. Stretch your arms out in front of you, stagger your feet for balance, and squeeze your core muscles. Pull the band back until your hands are beside your chest, keeping your elbows at shoulder level. Maintain control as you return to the starting position. Do two sets of 12 to 15 reps.

QUICK TIP: Choose a band that barely allows you to do the last rep of each set with perfect form.

RESISTANCE-BAND SPRINTS: Using a resistance band as above, stagger your feet and pull in your abdominal muscles for balance. Swing arms quickly back and forth, as if you were sprinting. Keep your feet planted. Do two sets of 12 to 15 reps. To train the opposing muscle groups, turn away from the band’s center and repeat the arm motion.

QUICK TIP: You may want to try different band lengths and/or levels of resistance until you find one that allows you to closely match your swing.

PUSH-UPS: Get into a plank position with your hands slightly outside your shoulders. Lower your body until your chest nearly touches the floor. Pause, then push back up. Do two sets of 12 to 15 reps.

QUICK TIP: Tighten your glutes throughout to stabilize your hips. If they do sag, consider that your last rep and end the set.

My workouts

Wall balls: 3 sets 20x

Take a 12 pound wall ball throw up to 9foot target catch and fall into a squat then proceed to stand up and throw ball to 9ft target then again catch while falling into squat position do about 20x

Push-ups: 3 sets 12x

Planks: 3 sets hold for 30secs

Begin in the plank position with your forearms and toes on the floor.Keep your torso straight and rigid and your body in a straight line from ears to toes with no sagging or bending. keep your head relaxed and look at the floor..

Overhead kettlebells swings: 3 sets 20x.

35 pound kettle bells swung between legs to overhead position remember to look forward 20x

Tip; The Swing is the basic of all ballistic techniques. The key point is to move with your hips at the beginning of the movement through to the completion of the swing. The form is a loose to tight protocol. You start by swinging the kettlebell down between your legs and then swing the bell up to chest level by exploding with your hips while tightening your core by locking out your knees, pull up your thighs, tighten your gluts and your abs. Then swing the kettlebell back down between your legs and repeat. Learning the proper form of the swing is key in performing the other ballistic techniques.

Bicep: Bicep curls 3 sets 5.3.1 -5x with the heaviest. 3x lower weight and 1x lower weight then the second.

Place your elbows in against your hip bones, and let your arms slightly hang. Slowly lift the weight up until your forearm touches your chest. Slowly move them back down in the same motion as lifting.

Push press 3 sets 5.3.1 same as above.

You start in a standing position with the bar at collar bone height supported in your hands (some will have the bar cradled on the front of their shoulders). You do a 1/4 squat that dips fast and then explodes to full hip extension (almost a jump), as you begin to finish the leg drive you are focusing on pressing the bar up (like a shoulder press). Once the bar gets past your forehead you bring your chin slightly forward so your body is completely underneath the bar and lock the bar out completely overhead. Notice that all joints from the floor to the wrists are completely in line, with the weight locked out overhead.

TIP; The biggest mistake you can make at this point is to look up, or keep your head back. This happens if you are used to doing a barbell shoulder press or military press.

Triceps extension with rope: 3 sets 5-3-1

To perform the standing triceps extension with the rope attachment stand with good posture in front of a cable tower positioned in the high setting. Grab the rope attachment with both hands, and bring it down so that your elbows are tucked to the side of your body. Next, extend your arms so that they are straight. This motion will utilize the strength in your triceps to perform the repetition. Once fully extended, bend at the elbows so that forearms are parallel to the floor.

Tips: Make sure that you keep your elbows tight to your side during the entire lift. Do not allow your elbows to flare out as this will increase the pressure on the elbow joint.

Happy running!