Rich Food Poor Food Review


It is official Rich Food Poor Food written by The Caltons was released this week and already has gotten amazing feedback! RICH FOOD POOR FOOD is selling out in Barnes & Noble stores across the country and hit #18 in all books on amazon yesterday. As a happy family we celebrated the start of the “Rich Food movement” across the country!

Rich Food Poor Food

Mike Kuhn, Staff Writer for Optimal Life and
Patricia Piedra, (Me)
Marketing/Media Manager for Calton Nutrition & the CMS Program Director for the Calton Institute of Lifestyle Medicine!

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My Rich Foor Poor Food Review:

WOW, Rich Food Poor Food is such a colorful and easy to understand book about the dangers in our food which we are so unaware! 

It can be extremely overwhelming being in a supermarket with so many brands to choose from.  This book gives you the information so you can make smart and healthy choices. For example eggs, what is the difference between organic, cage free, pasture raised? Which one is the healthiest choice? Farm raised vs wild fish? Which fruits/vegetables should be purchased Organic?  Well if you want to know I def would recommend this book!!!

I recommend having the book and ebook. If your a tech savy person get the ebook, I was able to run around whole foods, fairway and Trader Joes looking for the recommended products from my ipad or iphone. In my book I like to write notes regarding which stores have which items. And when I am on the go and I see a sale on a particle item I grab my iphone and check to see if it would be a smart purchase.


If I could rate this book more than a 5 I so would because it is gold!

Definitely a must have book for anyone!  Next purchase will be for my mom!


My Paleo Shopping food list!

The weekend is a perfect time to get your food shopping done and meals prepared for the week. This way when your busy during the week you can have quick, healthy to-go meals. Here are some tips of healthy choices to make on your next shopping trip.

To buy list:

Carb List= Veggies/Fruits: you can buy organic and non-organic please refer to the dirty dozen list!


  • Peppers: green, orange & yellow- purchase organic
  • Mixed Greens
  • Onions
  • Mushrooms
  • Asparagus
  • Brussel Sprouts
  • Spinach
  • String bean-purchase organic
  • Broccoli
  • sweet Potato

Pretty much anything “Green” or in season buy!


  • Berries (any kind of berries)
  • Banana


  • Raw honey found at Traders Joe

Maple syrup

  • 100% Organic Maple Syrupy found at Trader Joe’s

Good Fats (Saturated fats are key) 

  • Avocado
  • Nuts: any kind except peanuts (peanuts are not nuts, they are legumes). Make sure your nuts are Organic and Raw.  If you love peanut butter you can use Almond butter as a substitute but not too much of it because it is high in OMEGA 6’s, I would stick to walnuts which are higher in Omega 3 make sure they are organic. Another great nut is Macadamia nut .

1. Macadamia nuts at the best choice,  found at Trader Joe’s

Macadamia Nuts

2. Walnuts Found at Trader Joe’s


3. Almond Butter found at Trader Joe’s

almond butter

4. Almond Flour: can be used instead of bread crumbs but coconut flour is the better option. 

Coconut flour  Store bought almond meal is frequently      made with blanched almonds- almonds that have had the skins removed. I like to use almonds with their skins on because the skin contains healthy antioxidants.

Make your own!

  1. Place 1/2 cup whole, unbleached almonds in a clean electric coffee bean grinder.
  2. Put the lid on the coffee bean grinder and pulse several times until a medium-fine textured meal forms. Don’t over-grind or you will make almond butter!
  3. Put ground almond meal in a clean flour sifter. Sift almond meal. Place any large particles of almonds back in coffee bean grinder and pulse again. Sift re-remaining almond meal.
  4. That’s it. Use any nut to make fresh, delicious nut meals using this simple technique.
  5. Always store almond meal in a labeled container in the refrigerator or freezer.
  • Icelandic Butter or Kerry Gold Butter (does contain 3% GMO)

Great fat source and  cooking your food, icelandic found grassfed butterin Whole Foods and Kerry gold unsalted found in  Trader Joes or Whole Foodskerry gold butter

COCONUT PRODUCTS! BEST OPTION! To use for cooking or as salad dressing or diary & grain substitute!

  • Coconut oil to cook your food in medium heat so the fats don’t burn. You can purchase this at Tropical Traditions. If you can not spend the money right now Trader Joe’s also has coconut oil available.

coconut oil2 Jars Green Label Organic Virgin Coconut Oil – 32 oz.

  • Olive oil: use as salad dressing or on food for taste.  Extra Virgin Olive Oil imported from GREECE found in Trader Joe’s. Best option purchased at Kasadrinos Imports.

Kasandrinos International Olive Oil

  • Coconut products: Coconut milk instead of regular Milk; found anywhere Bodega or Trader Joe’s, coconut flakes (baking) found at Whole Foods. Coconut milk comes from coconuts, but it’s not the liquid found inside the coconut. That’s the coconut water. On the tree, young coconuts are green, often the size and shape of bowling balls. At this stage, the liquid inside is sweet, and the flesh (meat) is gelatinous, the consistency of pudding. When the coconut matures to the “hairy brown rock-hard stage,” the meat inside also solidifies, and the coconut water turns bitter. Coconut milk is made by grating the solidified coconut meat, then squeezing it to extract the liquid. In the can, the solids separate; the thick cream floats to the top, and can be scooped off for recipes that call for coconut cream. Actual coconut cream is made by steeping coconut meat in milk.  The thinner milk remains at the bottom. Shaking the can redistributes the creamy bits.
While it contains no cholesterol, it contains 552 calories per cup, of which a whopping 88% is saturated fat. But the fat contains a high percentage of lauric acid, which is found in breast milk, and may promote brain development and bone health. Store cans in the cupboard for up to a year; once opened, keep coconut milk in the refrigerator for 1-2 days.

Coconut milk recipe:

  1. crack open and peel a ripe (hairy brown) coconut;
  2. Grate the white flesh;
  3. Place in a heat-proof bowl and cover with hot simmered (not boiling) water;
  4. Allow it to soak for 30 minutes or until cooled.
  5. Line a colander with cheesecloth, and pour the soaked coconut into it.
  6. Lift and twist the cheesecloth to squeeze out the coconut milk.
  7. Refrigerate until ready to use.

Goya Coconut Milk - Leche De Coco 25 oz

Coconut milk  

Almond milk (instead of milk): All of the almond milks that I have seen in the grocery store are filled with sugar, preservatives, and soy. Paleolithic nutrition does not allow soy or preservatives and is calls for low amounts of sugar. Making real paleo milk (almond milk) is easy and healthy.

Almond Milk

  1. Start with whole almonds and soak them overnight in water.
  2. Next day, blanch the almonds (dip in boiling water) and remove the skins (they come right off).
  3. Puree in blender with water and maybe some sweetener – maple syrup and vanilla extract if you like.
  4. Filter out the grit and you have almond milk. Easy!
  5. Just put them right into the blender with water and 1/2 a banana.
  6. More almonds and banana = thicker milk
  • Eggs (pasture raised)  found at Whole Foods or Farmers Market (make sure you ask the farmer if they are fed grass not grains).
organic pasture raised eggs
Protein: Meat, lamb, chicken and Fish
grassfed ground beef
Wild sockeye salmon
  • Chicken: Pasture raised chicken found at Whole Foods is your best option but if your in NY and it is not season then your second options is FREE RANGE Chicken found at Trader Joe’s

Nitrate free bacon

ShopRite Bacon - Sliced Lower Sodium

  • Bacon Organic uncured pork (nitrate free) found Shoppe rite Bacon – Sliced Lower Sodium   *Best option to have without sugar
Other items:
  • Seasoning: Organic: garlic, red pepper, sea salt, pepper, thyme etc….

cocoa chocolate

baking cocoa

For and even better shopping list please purchase Rich Food Poor Food by The Caltons.

Happy Shopping!