Effects of Sandy

The effects of Sandy October 28-November 26, 2012

Almost a month ago Sandy hit NY badly causing havoc on the lives of many New York’s residents. Stress was a big factor, losing cars, houses, family/friends, businesses as well as their health and everyday rituals! Not having power, gas, heat, water or even nutritious food to eat could cause even greater stress.

I am thankful for coming back from vacation to my car/house but most of all my family and friends! Dealing with my health and fitness was the least of my worries until days later we still had no power.

Being forced to stay at 2 friends house as well as 4 days in Florida because my flight was cancelled left me with no choice but to eat what was available. I didn’t want to be ungrateful and there was no supermarket opened. And lets not forget Gas, I had none to get to one!

After a week I had enough and set out to figure away to eat right without having only one option which was to eat outside. I found a super expensive duel hot plate which I purchase because it was the last one and I had no choice. The purchase was great because I was able to make enough food to eat at home and could go to moms house to cook the bigger dishes that the hot plate could not handle. One of the cons was that because 3 floors were running off one generator we could not use it all at the same time so at times when I was cooking the power would go out.. Major bummer hehe

I was one of the few areas to get power back so I decided to leave and head to Vermont. Of course on a snowboarding trip there is always one option of food on the road and drinking alcoholic beverages while snowboarding or at night when we all went out. Since I was already eating bad I said to myself, “I’m already this far off the track why not keep going!” Big mistake!!!

After I got home from my trip I was happy to see my power had return and I could get back to my life. Not only did I fall off that track but I was having lower back pains maybe bc I had extra fat and gained 5pounds. But feeling this way and looking at myself stressed me out because now I was actually thinking about things clearly. From that moment I decided to eat better and start working out but that same week was Thanksgiving which meant I had to go to my moms. Even thou she is not Paleo she did have some healthy choices but I still had to eat some of the not so great ones even thou to Americans standard they are healthy. So again I was back to where I started!

Even thou I began running I was feeling better because I was doing something again but I need more! I needed too lift again because that would burn off the fat and make me once again strong. So now 2 weeks have passed and I decide that weekend I need to start Monday Nov 26th crossfit. With Thanksgiving out of the way I had no choice but to eat healthy.

On Monday, Nov 26th I took a photo before I went to cf and then each day I would take a photo with the same outfit to see improvements. Here we are 4 days later, last pic bottom right and my abs are starting to look better! Again this proves Paleo and lifting does work!

One thing I learned from this experience is never fall down the wagon that far again, just because I couldn’t control it before I should not proceed with further destruction! Lesson learned!

The NYC marathon was cancelled, I will be running it next year- a whole new year of training!

If you would like to run your first 5k or Marathon follow my lead… If you have any questions please submit on here or at pattyp@pattycakesworld.com. I’m also available for training in NY or on Skype!


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