Strong It’s A Lifestyle’s Mission

Hola! I am the founder of Strong It’s A Lifestyle. Why Strong because like my last name PIEDRA means “Stone/Rock” and symbolizes Strength.

My mission is to help men and women rework their lifestyle so that fitness & nutrition is the key elements. But how do we begin this journey?

“Poner la primera piedra” in other words by laying the foundation and understanding that both Fitness & Nutrition work together! Once your body feels nourished by both micro nutrient dense foods also known as “Rich Foods” and with the power of resistance, circuit, high metabolic training and every day life’s movement patterns your whole life will be transformed.

What we do for you is give you the strength to take back the control in your life and reach goals you may think are impossible. The truth is nothing is impossible unless you think or say it is. With hard work and the right help you can do anything!

Here is my story…. A couple of years ago I was in your seat, I started gaining weight and was very unhappy with my appearance. I had enough and wanted to take back control of my life so I finally said enough was enough. I decided to make this change I would need to become more active like I was my whole life. So I search for an activity I would enjoy.

During my lunch break I stumbled upon a boxing gym a few blocks from my Park Avenue Office. I then met with a trainer named Steve and decided to take Muay Thai classes 2x a week, which I ended up enjoying very much. Muay Thai gave me the experience of having a one to one personal trainer who pushed me beyond my limits. Little by little I was seeing body changes, my body was happy and I was happy!

I knew then I need to make more changes such as with my lifestyle so I started to seek another job because the one I was in was very stressful and deep inside I knew this was not a healthy lifestyle for me. Luckily, I landed another job in NYC but due to the location I could not see my current trainer so I searched another trainer closer to my home in Long island.  Again I was fortune to find another awesome trainer who incorporated Muay Thai, self-protection and resistance training. Since the facility was located only 20mins from my home it made it easier to go more frequently. Now working out 3x a week I saw more changes. This time I felt stronger which made me more confident in all aspects of my life!

Something kept telling me this was not the end and more changes needed to be implemented in my life but I wasn’t sure what it was.  Just like most of you I was lost, I didn’t know where to start and how to go about it. I researched the web, read health/fitness magazines, nutrition books and listen to professionals in the fitness industry to get answers but what I really needed was guidance! I was very fortune to find a community of people that helped me every step of the way and now it’s my turn to pay it forward by helping others discover answers.  Such as; What does being healthy really mean? What does it mean to me? Is skinny healthy? Is eating 800-1,000 the way to become skinny? “Rich Food vs. Poor Foods”? Micronutrient dense foods? What are my goals? Will lifting heavy make me look like a men? Will eating eggs and good fats give me high cholesterol? Can overtraining hurt my body? What is overtraining? Is sleeping, water & stress management important?

Now 10 years later, I look back on that road I started on and can’t believe how many accomplishments I made on this journey. Here are some of the things I’ve done please keep in mind I was never a super star athlete so If I could do this anyone can with the right training and all you need is to …. BE IT! LIVE IT! DO IT!


I competed in multiple races with the NYRR and LI Marathon, 2012-2013 NYC Marathon, placed 10th in 2012, “Battle of the Islands” CrossFit competition as well as competed in a number of 42-65 mile bicycle races such as twin lights, NYC 5 borough bike, Hudson River Bike Ride and many more. I not only do this to set and obtain goals but also for charity. This year I plan in participating in the 2013 NPC Fitness Competition along with completing the 2014 100-mile bicycle race from NYC to the Hamptons.

Additional Organizations/Certifications

  • New York Road Runners
  • Volleyball America Membership
  • Bike New York League of American Bicyclists

Many more certifications on the way because I will always be a student!

What Strong It’s A Lifestyle Can offer you?

A Lifestyle change which includes: Holistic fitness & nutrition to incorporated into your life so you’ll never have to be on a yoyo unhealthy unsatisfying diet again! We can offer you a healthy lifestyle where you can maintain a normal healthy weight feeling strong in all areas of your life mind, body & soul!

Strong It's A Lifestyle

Strong It’s A Lifestyle

Please visit our website!


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