Crazy Calorie Restriction Diets

As I’m sitting here waiting for my car to be inspected I almost yelled at the television! Why are people telling women to eat 800 calories a day and men 1200 calories to loose weight just to sell a book??

But wait they did mention it’s only for 3 weeks ha!

What happens after ??? You gain weight… Uhm yea!!!!!!

Of course calorie deficit works but its’s how its done and everybody is different. And I’m not saying the this isn’t part of the plan I’m just say 800 calories is def not!

First of all we need carbs for energy, how do you except to have energy for working out or the physical activities of daily living?
But on the other hand the kind of carbs and quality your intaking does matter. Protein we need this for our muscles depending on your goals that will also depend on your intake. For example my goal is fitness competition I train heavy and til fatigue so in order for me to help my muscle grow and recoup so I need alot. Fats, we all need healthy fats. Again depending on your goal and body some people need a higher or lower ratio so you’ll see numbers like these 60/20/20 or 40/30/30 etc.. The important thing to remember healthy fats are different from bad fat.. Olive oil, avocado, nuts, grass fed butter, duck fat, lard, coconut oil healthy fats.. Seed oil, soy oil, Canola oil, can’t believe it’s not butter, potato chips, fast food, processed foods all contain bad fats.. Stay away at all cost!!!!

It’s easy to calorie restrict and loose weight but who wants to look weak and skin..

Strong is the new skinny as Lola puts it!!!!!

I really really dislike these people who give out health advise, I was once the person who sat there and listen. It’s taken me a long time to undo the healthy advise I was given. Now it’s time to pay it foward…

Bottomline: Just eat REAL FOOD and work out at least 5x a week, who can’t do a 30min walk or light resistant training even with your own body weight, bands or dumbells?????

I know alot of people are afraid of machines but if you can invested to work with a certified trainer please do, proper technique is essential for results. Even a kettle bell that looks easy can be very dangerous if used incorrectly. Many people have hurt themselves by using kettle bells so make sure you are instructed on how too! Kettle bells have been proven to be effective they do not meed to be used but they are always fun to incorporate in a workout!

Depending on your goal and your training here it is again… we will all be different. If your just trying to loose weight, look and feel healthy I’m not going to tell you run 4miles a day, oly lift or kill yourself at the gym for 2 hours 6x a week.. Your not an endurance runner, crossfitter or fitness competitor so just because you see others do it doesn’t mean it’s right for you and you aren’t doing anything less then what they are. Goals are different therefore training is different! For me that was the hardest thing to grasp… Many people told be repeatedly but I couldn’t really understand it mainly because I was so brain washed by media, family and the world that I needed to run overdo everything to have the perfect body, lifting heavy would make me look like a men and eating carbs are bad! Which by the way all 3 statements are totally false! The only way to really understand that they were for me was by getting over my fears and doing which actually all came by accidentally. I hurt my body from overtraining and carb/calorie restriction that the only way to fix it was to heal my body. I ate good quality carbs, I lifted heavy (dead lifting 225 pounds for a 117pound 5’1 women) and stopped running and over training. I did gained weight but my body actually started feeling better, once I felt like myself again I decided to take the weight off slowly and here I am today. The same weight but instead of it filled with fat it has been converted into muscle.

For many people I look healthy, fit and what they all consider to be ideal for me but because I have a particular goal in my life I need to continue training smarter and harder which is more than the ordinary person. But with as much knowledge as I know I am still a student and have a coach making sure I am not overtraining and eat enough for the work I am doing.


If you don’t remember anything else from this post thats totally fine cause one day it will just click, however please remember the following:

Working out is part of life, you just don’t do it when you feel like it Or when it’s convent for you. It is part of daily living, just do it!!!

Move, Eat and be Healthy…lol totally Paul Chek! Great words and a message to live by!


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