Rich Food Poor Food Review

It is official Rich Food Poor Food written by The Caltons was released this week and already has gotten amazing feedback! RICH FOOD POOR FOOD is selling out in Barnes & Noble stores across the country and hit #18 in all books on amazon yesterday. As a happy family we celebrated the start of the “Rich Food movement” across the country!

Rich Food Poor Food

Mike Kuhn, Staff Writer for Optimal Life and
Patricia Piedra, (Me)
Marketing/Media Manager for Calton Nutrition & the CMS Program Director for the Calton Institute of Lifestyle Medicine!

Rich Food Poor Food on Fox

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My Rich Foor Poor Food Review:

WOW, Rich Food Poor Food is such a colorful and easy to understand book about the dangers in our food which we are so unaware! 

It can be extremely overwhelming being in a supermarket with so many brands to choose from.  This book gives you the information so you can make smart and healthy choices. For example eggs, what is the difference between organic, cage free, pasture raised? Which one is the healthiest choice? Farm raised vs wild fish? Which fruits/vegetables should be purchased Organic?  Well if you want to know I def would recommend this book!!!

I recommend having the book and ebook. If your a tech savy person get the ebook, I was able to run around whole foods, fairway and Trader Joes looking for the recommended products from my ipad or iphone. In my book I like to write notes regarding which stores have which items. And when I am on the go and I see a sale on a particle item I grab my iphone and check to see if it would be a smart purchase.


If I could rate this book more than a 5 I so would because it is gold!

Definitely a must have book for anyone!  Next purchase will be for my mom!


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