My 2013 Fitness & Nutrition Goals

Happy New Year!!!

So this years goal is to compete in a bikini contest! In order to do so nutrition is very important along with a workout routine which cabinets weight training and cardio!

My 2013 workout plan is as follows:

5x weights 3 set 12/10/8 reps (slow movements and use a heavier weight then previous). Remember routines change every 8 weeks.

Monday: Butt/Legs/Sprints
Tuesday: Chest/Triceps
Wednesday: Back
Thursday: Butt/Legs/Sprints
Friday: Shoulders
Saturday: Active Rest or Biceps
Sunday: Active Rest or Biceps

Measurements and photos are taken every week so you can see changes or/and if you hit a plateau you can reevaluated and make changes to your food/workout plan.

Make sure you drink half your body weight of water in ounces! Along with sleep and nutrition this is essential!!

Next time we will go over supplements!

Here’s to 2013!! Wish me luck!!


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