Appalachian Trail Facts

Trail Facts:

-At almost 2200 miles, the Appalachian Trail is the
longest marked trail in the United States.

—The A.T. is marked by more than 160,000 “blazes” 6
inches by 2 inches in size. Primarily found on trees,
one can follow the trail of blazes all the way from
Georgia to Maine.

—The A.T. passes through 14 states: Georgia,
Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia,
Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York,
Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New
Hampshire, and Maine.

—More than 250 shelters can be found along the trail.
Sometimes called a “lean-to”, the shelters are
generally a three-walled structure with a wooden floor
and roof. Some hikers travel without tents, preferring
to hike shelter to shelter.

—It is estimated that 5 million steps are required to
complete the trail.

—Vigorous backpackers can complete the A.T. in four
months, but most hikers require 5 to7 months.

—The highest point on the A.T. is 6625 feet at
Clingman’s Dome in The Great Smoky Mountains
National Park.


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