Day 3 Running Gear For Marathon Training

Day 3 training for the NYC Marathon!

Took 2 days off because I did back to back run days, not a very good idea but learned my lesson. I ran 9.22miles at 1:33secs didn’t make 10m because I ran out of trail and I was going around a parking lot 5x so I called it quits. I felt stronger and was able to keep a constant speed of 10minutes a mile. I did drop it down to 9min miles when I saw a bunch of Highschool girls running and I couldn’t let them beat me hehe… Even though I was on my 7mile I was determined to not stop running til I completed the trail! When I did stop running I got the runners high, wow endorphins out of control!!!!

  • New equipment: Before this run I decided to do some research on getting a hydration belt and discovered that there was small 8oz bottles that can be attached to my Spi belt, well you could just slide it in but the reviews were all horrible so I took a chance and bought it. Once I figured out how to run with it, everything worked out. i filled it with protein and drank a sip on mile 6 and 8.
  • Arms: My arms once again started hurting but this time on mile 7 and 8, I decided to shake them out after every mile or so. Not sure if it helped but they felt better then day 2 run.
  • Macros: As far as my macros the higher fat intake with low carbs or no carbs at all before my runs seem to be working.
  • Sneakers: I have doing a Shoe Rotation. During marathon training, one pair probably won’t be enough. You’ll almost certainly get rained on and a backup lets you run in a dry pair the next day. Also, the variety offered by two different shoes will keep your leg muscles feeling fresh. Day 1: I wore my vibrams by Merrill and Day 2: I wore my five fingers vibrams which left me with aching calves after 2 runs. This time Day 3 I went with my Mizunos, the ones that messed me up on my half marathon but they seem to have done just fine this time around. Well see how my calves feel by my next run on Wednesday.
  • Training schedule: I have decided to change my miles around.. So far I did 5m, 8m, 9.2m next I will do 5m, 8m, 8m, 10m, 10m, and finally 4 and on Halloween 5m giving me 3 days to rest and 2 internal training days 400meters and 800meters before the NYC Marathon! Total mileage in 3 weeks is 72.2miles Pre-Marathon run.

Happy running!!!!



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