Crossfit Compeition “Battle of the Island”

Garage Games Recap

On August 25 & 26th I decided to enter my 1st Crossfit Competition. 2 intense days of high metabolic WODS!!! The biggest challenge of the event was not knowing what to except among-st other things such as…

  • Did i pack enough food? Did I pack the right food- protein, fat, carbs?
  • Did I drink enough fluids?
  • Can I zone everyone out and preform?

Day 1 went great, I ended up eating enough foods and timed it perfectly so I wouldn’t be full during my WODS. I packed foods such as sweet potatoes, apples, almond butter, protein shakes, yogurt and wild albacore in a can. Once we got up to WOD 3 between all the cheering and workouts I was totally drained. And luckily someone from our gym went for a coffee run and I got back my energy for the last WOD.

Event 1:

Clean and Overhead in 10 min

Pick up weight, rack it on shoulders, then overhead anyhow
As many attempts as needed in the 10 min
Once racked, as many attempts as needed to get overhead will be allowed – i.e. power clean x 1, split jerk x 3 attempts is allowed
Athlete MUST show control overhead at judges discretion per rep

Event 2:

7 min AMRAP

300 Singles
7 Wall Balls (14 lb/12 lb)
7 Pullups (All scaled Competitors will have the option to do 14 Jumping Pullups)
**Score will be total reps**

Event 3:

4 Rounds:

8 Deadlifts (155/105)
8 Unanchored Sit ups

4 rounds:

8 Kb Swings (1.5/1)
8 Burpees
Day 2:

Event 4:

4 Rounds:

500m Row
10 OH Squats (65/45)

It def was a great event with great competitors from cf boxs all over Long Island. To see how far I have come and realize that I still have a lot of work to do on my form. Even thou these WODS targeted my weakness I still manage to give it my best and came in 10th place!

Well see what’s next for me! As of right now I will be concentrating on the NYC Marathon.



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