A Fall Treat: Delcata Squash Reciepe!

Fall treat->Delcata squash reciepe! Makes 2 servings (1 cup each)

What you need:
-2 Small delcata like you see in the pic next to the soup
-coconut milk 12oz can
-condiments; garlic, salt, Oregon, olive oil
– crockpot
– small pot
-bowls 2

How to go about it:
Step 1: Put the 2 Delcata into crock pot leave high for 1-1/2-2 hours. Poke it to see if its soft. Caution; You don’t want it too soft that it falls apart.
Step 2: peel outer shell
Step 3: put into processor add coconut milk about a cup. Enough that everything is liquified.
Step 4: put into a small pot and heat
Step 5: add pinch of garlic, salt, Oregon, teaspoon of olive oil
Step 6: once heated up put into bowls and enjoy!

My own creation! 🙂


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