3weeks til the 2012 NYC Marathon

10/11 3weeks before the NYC Marathon and full recovered from my cold!I am back to hitting the pavement more determined than ever! I been working myself to Nov 4, 2012 since the end of 2010 got a little side track but I’m refocused 🙂 the plan is to run up to a 18m run a week before the Marathon. Also increase my fat so that my body will be adopted and handle the long run. More info to come on this method. As for my runs I will do a 3x long training schedule which will theoretical look like this… 5, 8, 10,12,14,16,18,6,8,10,12

Then 1x work on my sprints like my last post except it will be a 400meter run 10x for 2weeks and last week 800meter run 10x.

Day 1 long run training 5miles in 48mins at a a 60% pace which for me is between 9-10min pace went better than I excepted.

Onto 10/12 Day 2! Lets do this!!!!!!!!!!



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