Day 2 Training for the NYC Marathon

Again working on my sprints I did a workout at my Crossfit gym.
WOD. 4x all 3 below for 3minutes, in those 3 minutes you have to do as many reps as possible of wall ball and pushups then after 3 minutes you get a 3 min rest…

200 meter runs
7 (14) pound wall ball power cleans
7 pushups

3-4 sets of wall balls/pushups
200 meter run :42 secs, :42secs, :42secs, :41secs.

Which means I was able to maintain :42 seconds from day 1 even after 21-28 wall ball and pushups!! My last one I hit :41secs.. 1sec less!!!

Too maintain my strengthen I changed my diet around and upped my carb intake about 100g more a day even 125g on cf days. As an athletic you must give you body the carbs needed or you will suffer adrenal fatigue which is not good when your use to feeling energized and able to do anything.

My advice is play around with your intake start with a base of 40 carbs/ 30fat / 30 protein so if I was intaking 1600 calories a day it would be 160g carbs, 116g protein and 60g of fat.. If you need more then up the calories but stick with the 4/3/3 ration until you figure out what your body needs. Everyones body is different and we all need different level of macronutrients. Another thing to remember is to stick to having protein/fat/carbs at every meal and snack.

5 large Organic Strawberries
5 raw large cashews
1 ounce nitrate free turkey slice

1 med sweet potato
1cup broccoli
2cups lettuce
4ounce wild fish (mahi mahi)
1 teaspoon evoo (olive oil)
1/2 yucca
1teaspoon of coconut oil to prepare food

So far my first week on this has been great. Improvement in my training and body image. Lost 1pound and .05% body fat. Well see what happens next week.. Stay tune!!


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