Marathon Training & Adrenal Fatigue

The Run of Your Life!
After being off since December with 2 races in between it is finally time to get back to training. Getting ready for 26.2 Marathon run which will take place on November 4th  will take preparation, determination, and guts ~ all of which I have!

Preparation starts with eating right, resting and listening to your body when it needs a break.  it is important to take care of your body or you can put it at serious risk. Even a person who eats right can be at risk for adrenal fatigue which I experienced first hand by not eating enough carbs which my body needed from the intense high metabolic and condition training which I do weekly at Garden City Crossfit. It is very important to make sure your body is dialed in. Even with all the research I do there is so much I need to learn, everyone’s body is different and we all need to figure out what works for us.

My goal at the moment is to reach optimal health after I have reached that I will move on to my next goal of performance. I would like to run the Marathon (26.6 miles) in 3 1/2 hours and in order to do so I will set out on this new journey.

Day 1 Interval training

800 meter warmup and 100 meter jog for recovery between intervals

  • 400 meter for time – 1:59 secs
  • 300 meter for time – 1:21 secs
  • 200 meter for time – :42 secs
  • 100 meter for time – :18 secs
Tips on Adrenal Fatigue- By lisenting to multiple podcast, Robb Wolf, BalancedBites, Paul Check, Underground Wellness, The Carltuns etc… I learned that the most important thing to do is to listen to your body and to pay attention to it. Getting my macro nutrients and probitotics such as raw goat milk in the morning before my meals helps your digestive system get a kick start in the morning, kombucha, sauerkraut, bone broth and liver are very key in your diet. Incorporating this and taking it down a notch with my workouts and life has help me get over it. We are all very susceptible to adrenal fatigue so I can’t stress enough that its okay to take rest days 3-4 days or even a week or a month off, as long as your eating and doing things to reduce you stress levels your body will be happy and you in turn will be a healthy and happy person :o)



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