Bumps and Bruises, Aches and Pains

As all sports CF included they can be very addicting & dangerous if you don’t have proper guidance or over train

(pushing your body beyond it’s threshold despite the warning signs of chronic soreness, achy joints and general sluggishness).

It is very important planned  your rest days or back-off weeks because your body operates on different schedules.  It is your responsibility for listen to your body and know when enough is enough.

As per Crossfit Garden City here are some guidelines, I have found out that we should adhered to when working out in any sport:

  • More is not better. The quality of your workouts will deteriorate after 3 days in a row and your long-term progress will be compromised.  Quality over quantity EVERY time.
  • Not necessary to take a “rest week”, but great results have been gotten with a planned “unloading week” every 3rd or 4th week.  During the unloading week, the intensity is still high but the volume is cut by 40%. Crossfit example: If a WOD calls for 5 rounds, perform 3 rounds, but still as fast as possible. (unloading week is to come back stronger, fresher and more motivated).
  • “Green Light, Yellow Light, Red Light” system in determining whether to push through chronic or acute pain:
  1. Green-Light: “I do not experience any pain whatsoever when I perform this exercise.” Proceed without restriction.
  2. Yellow-Light: “I am aware of the pain when I perform this exercise but it does not make it feel worse.” Proceed with caution, emphasizing technique and full range of motion over weight or speed.
  3. Red Light: “Ouch! This exercise is making my pain worse or causing new pain that I have not experienced before.”  Stop immediately. Either call it a day or discuss potential modifications with a coach.

Most importantly as stressed in the 30 Day Challenge:

  • Get 7-9 hours of solid sleep. Drink a lot of water. Avoid inflammatory foods (sugar, grains, processed food). Eat a boat-load of vegetables & Do not avoid dietary fat.

~Be safe!



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