Fall Cleaning Nutrition Challenge Results

Fall Cleaning Nutrition Challenge – Results!

As per my last blog I spoke about the 30 day eating clean challenge and to show you that it works here are my results.

  • Day 11, 5 pounds and 1.8% body fat loss
  • Day 19, 2.8% body fat loss
  • Day 25, 1% body fat loss
  • Day 30, 5 pound and 1% body fat loss

Total  10 pounds and 6% body fat as a result from 40days of eating pure clean delicious food “no processed foods” such as pasta, legumes, bread, diary, sugar, alcohol and so on…I had nothing but incredible results! 

The results where based out of a possible 120 points, the 3 finalist before and after photos were looked at by my the coaches, Dennis & Jennifer Marshall. The final 2 winners were picked from the best results- no weight, no measurements but based only on your “transformation” – photos!


  1. Maura Liberopolous (118)
  2. Patty Piedra (117)  
  3. Kristin Kattleman (114)


  1. Carl Garcia (118)
  2. Matt Jasinski (103)
  3. Phil Miller (103)

Results: “Out of our top male and female were simply too dramatic to ignore”.

Our winners are:

Women: Patty Piedra

Men: Carl Garcia

After a 40 day discipline and consistency, Patty and Carl will each receive $500 and 1 free month of Unlimited Classes at CFGC.

“We are thrilled to reward them for their efforts and even more thrilled to be a part of their incredible transformation”.

Are you ready for the challenge!??



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