My Portugal/ Father’s Day NYRR Race

My Portugal/ Father’s Day Race

My race didn’t go as well as I wanted too! I was alittle disappointed in myself for not breaking my 8:23min pace but this will only make me work harder so that I may reach my 7:30-8min pace. I’m so close, I want it so bad so in order to succeed like in all things we do, we have to put in the time and work—> time to train harder!

Lastly,  I would like thank all my sponsors,, , &, more to come. Check this sites out for your personal/business Sporting, Concerts & travel needs. As well as your Business advertising & Business Insurance Needs.

After reviewing my Portugal Day stats I can say achieve another goal of mine, out of the 5Million + runners I came in #395 out of all Females & #101 in age group and also finished 13 seconds before with another Piedra (one day I will meet these other 2 Piedras).

As far as my overall 2011 race performance, I have come so far in these 8 months. Every step of the way I have hit an accomplishment, be it in my training or on Race Day!

I’m so happy have gotten this opportunity to share this wonderful experience with my running crew; Derik, Sanathana, Katie, Kristina & to all the others that will come… I hope that more people will experience what my crew & I have thus far, which is “to put oneself out there and conquer it”! 


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