My next race goal….. 18Miles

On September 25th I plan on achieving my next goal of 18miles… 

The Plan: 

  1. Break my 8:30min pace record on Sunday, May 5, 2011 which means I would need to run 5miles in 40mins- 8min pace.
  2. Increasing my pace to 8 minutes per will ultimately allow me to obtain my goal of achieving = 18.1 miles at  02:45:00, at a 9:10 pace
  3. To prepare me for my 18.1 Mile Run,  I plan on running another Half Marathon in 1:57minutes beating my record of 2:09minutes by 12minutes.
  4. Finally, all that prep should now allow me to complete a Full Marathon, 26.1 miles in approximately 4:04:12minutes as you can see below…
  • 1500m= 7:07
  • The mile =7:40
  • 3000m(3k)= 14:50
  • 3200m(about 2 miles)= 15:53
  • 5000m(5k)=25:29
  • 8000m(8k)= 41:56
  • 5 miles= 42:12
  • 10,000m(10k)= 53:08
  • Ten miles= 1:27:58
  • Half marathon= 1:57:08
  • Marathon= 4:04:12


Seeing this will be all ill be thinking of!



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