My 1st Half Marathon 13.1Miles

“Now if you are going to win any battle you have to do one thing. You have to make the mind run the body. Never let the body tell the mind what to do. The body will always give up. It is always tired in the morning, noon, and night. But the body is never tired if the mind is not tired.”

– George S. Patton, U.S. Army General, 1912 Olympian

Not sure where to begin, the one thing i can say is that this has been an incredible experience. With each race I run I grow stronger and more confident that I will achieve what I set out to do; to run the NYC Marathon at 8-10minute pace.

People ask me, How do you do it?  

The only way I can answer that is – Determination! Now that I have had the opportunity to sit here and think about it, the answer really is the challenge. The challenge is what has drove me to do everything I’ve done in my lifetime or will do. The drive is what pushes me and gives me the willpower to do things I could only dream of doing.

As I reflect back on my 1st run (15K= 9.3miles) with the NYRR, I noticed that I always seem set big goals for myself, never thinking negatively. I still amaze myself, to see how much faith a person can put in themselves. The best part of it all is that person is ME!

Patricia PiedraAll Signed up for my 1st 15K race……… this is going to be fun!!!!!!!!!!!! After that my next goal, half a marathon 13miles.. Bring it! November 19, 2010 at 11:37am

As the months passed, I have successfully completed 3 runs with the NYRR;

  •  2/6 NYRR Gridiron Run 4M – 36minutes- 9:09pace
  • 3/27 NY Colon Cancer 15K (9.3miles) Run in memory of my friend Anne Guthenberg- 1:30minutes- 9:44pace and
  • 4/10 10K (6.2miles) Scotland Run-55minutes- 9minute pace.

Each time improving on my time/speed which I always set at a reasonable high exceptation. And in the end it all paid of on my Half Marathon Run which I can proudly say I did in record time!

Patricia Piedra And I’m back… 7miles hills and all! My goal half marathon 3months! January 3 at 9:07pm

As the final 3 months to my Half Marathin approached I started working harder than ever to prepare for this next challenge, a 15K run (9.3 miles) was difficult in itself so I could only image how 5 more miles would feel. With the help from my trainer at Fast Track Fitness I was able to gain endurance, both lower & upper body strength and above all motivation. Seeing that someone else believed in me and was there to help me obtain my goals motivated me even more. For more information on how eat right or tips go to Everything is on Q Blog.

James QI’m glad you liked it.. Damn ur a beast.. Keep it coming I got more for ya!! lol April 26 at 10:37pm
Patricia PiedraYaY!!! Roaring 20’s workout 6 exercises, 20 reps each, 5 sets NO REST & Timed!!!!!!!!! I ranked #1 out of 9—-> 23min and 53 secs…..(Dead lifts 35 lbs, pushups, KB swing 8KG, Box Jump 6 inch box, Pull ups done on Bandit loop suspension, TRX Jack Knife’s) ……….. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee it!!!!! March 17 at 2:41pm

James Q: Patricia PiedraAWESOME DAY AT THE “TRACK” Had some intense workouts today!!! Days like today inspire me to keep pushing the envelope. Happy sat folks! April 23 at 10:37pm

I also learned to incorporated hiking into my training i.e, rock scrambles, and trail running which I must say kicked my butt!! As they say “NO PAIN, NO GAIN”, I learned a lot from my hikes, they helped me gain endurance so I could conquer those crazy interval hills central park. If anyone decides to ever run there or bike the trail, let me know what you think about them!

Patricia Piedra Sick 10mile hike inclines, rock scrambles and trail running! 5 1/2 hours of pure torture lol love it!!!! April 3 at 4:35pm

It finally hit me about 2 weeks before the LI HALF MARATHON RUN that this was it, the moment of truth. All those months of training were going to be put to the test; Could I endure 13.1 miles? Could I keep a steady pace of at least 9-10minutes a mile? Could I finish it in less than 2 hours?

Patricia PiedraOmg, my 1st half marathon in 2weeks! Time to train!!!!April 15 at 5:47pm

The last question was very wishful thinking, if I kept my pace of 10mins per mile I would come in less than 2hours and 30mins, being able to keep a fast pace for a long run is really hard to do so challenging myself to do this would very good but it could also be bad. If I started to fast I could lose it in the middle and not have the strength to finish it or if I went to slow I would have to haul it at the end. It’s all about strategy and on every run you learn a new thing or two.

As the final days came too, I was getting more and more antsy. I was nervous about my food intake, my shoes hurting my feet, and my training. I didn’t want to eat too much before the race and I didn’t want to eat too little that my body had no fat to eat but muscle. I also didn’t want to risk wearing heels; I could slip injury by foot or get a blister from running around all day in shoes. I also didn’t want to over train my body that week, feeling aches and pains would definite not be a good thing! I ran once like that and it was the most dreadful feeling in the world, I was sure to make a note of it, I would never do that to myself again!

Carb loading is a myth, first and foremost you should always be eating healthy and drink lots of water everyday including the night before a race. Before a race I would recommend half a sweet potato which is an excellent source for per or post workouts especially hardcore endurance ones like marathon running and the other half after! Also make sure you have 16ounce water about an hour before so you are hydrated.

May 1st 2011, the day finally arrives, as I wake up at 5:30am all hyped up for my race I do a run down on everything I need to do. Breakfast, Water, Iphone, beats downloaded, headphones, Spi belt, Chap-stick, Extreme sports beans (quick energy) and sweater. 7am jump in the car and head straight for the big event! 8am parked and ready for my stretch session, 8:15am behind the starting line pumped up with my beats ready to run, ROARrrrrrrrrr. 8:30am they announced the start and we are off, all 5k runners.

Long island Half Marathon

As I ran and hit my 2nd mile; smiling at my mom, dad and running partner I could hear my micoach app telling me “2miles 17minutes, 8:32minute pace”. All that’s going thru my head at that moment is thinking, “Holy cow I’m going too fast, I need to slow down”. But before I could do that, I decid to check my breathing, “ok, I’m breathing normal so it’s okay, ill stay at this pace for a bit”. I continue running with a smile on my face, feeling such a sense of achievement, how great this is, being able to keep such a great pace.

As I hit every mile my micoach app goes off;

  • “3miles, 25minutes, 8:40min pace”
  • “4miles, 36mintues, 9:30minute pace
  • “5miles, 46minutes, 9:30 minute pace”
  • “6miles, 55minutes, 9:25minute pace
  • “7 miles, 1:04minutes, 10minute pace”
  • “8miles, 1:15minutes, 10minute pace”
  • “9miles, 1:24minutes, 10minute pace”
  • “10miles, 1:34minutes, 10minute pace”
  • “11miles, 1:45minutes, 10:30minute pace”

All great until I hit my 12miles, I couldn’t feel my right foot for 5miles which started to bother me more and caused me to slow down on my 11mile, once I got to close to the 12mile mark I decide to stop and fix my foot because If I didn’t , I would never make it. As I stopped at 11 ½ miles I could feel everything hit me at once, I had to literally hold on to the side of a cone otherwise I would have losted my balance. Once I fixed my shoe, I went right back to it, as I came to my 12mile I could see from the distance my mom, dad and running partner with surprised faces holding their cameras. I could not tell you how happy I felt at that moment, I really needed a boost of motivation that stop really made me hit a brick wall and if I was going to finish this race at 2 hours I need to keep it going. As I reached the 12mile mark, I could see that I not only made it to my goal of under 2hours but I only had1.1 mile to go and it was victory!

That 1.1mile was the longest run of my life, at this point I just wanted to finish this race. Finally seeing the Finish line, I made a dash for it. Giving it all I had, which let me tell you wasn’t much, I jumped over that line and fist pumped in the air! I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • “12miles, 1:56minutes, 11minute pace”
  • “13miles, 2:09minutes, 11minute pace”

I’m not going to lie as happy as I was to have succeeded I really wish I could have done it in 2 hours but there are other races to run, I will get my chance again, and this time do it! Later on I found out why I couldn’t feel my foot, the lost sensation was due to the sneakers I was wearing as well as my running form. Wish I knew all this before I attempted to run a half marathon, I could have seriously done some damaged! Check out my blog on correct running & running techniques to follow as well as what to wear while training and on race day!

The next race I ran, I remember to incorporate what I have learned and not only was I able to run in under 9minutes, I held a steady 8:30pace and did 4miles in 34minutes! Big thanks to for sponsoring me. Outfit was great; I think I ran faster because of those shorts lol… I was always afraid to run in shorts due to the cold, never could understand how these people could run in shorts and t-shirts in 40 degree weather. Until last weekend on my Japan/Mother’s day run! Another great accomplishment!

My results below found on Long Island Newsday 

Long island Half Marathon




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